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100 - The Wedding Singer

Just beating the likes of Beetlejuice and This Is Spinal Tap to the top 100, The Wedding Singer is the first of many representations for Adam Sandler in this comedy list, hopefully not entirely due to whatever the hell his hair was doing back then.

99 - American Pie 2

It's hard to remember a time when an American Pie sequel wasn't a desperately amateur, straight-to-DVD affair. Part 2 retained much of its predecessor's former glory, if not as much of its shameless raunch or actual pie-banging. Shame.

98 - Jackass: Number Two

Jackass 2 proved that just because something is repetitive and formulaic, doesn't mean it can't be great, as long as strict rules are adhered to. Rules such as "more poop" and "more snakes," for example.

97 - Revenge of the Nerds

Number 98?! What's the matter, nerds? Can't click fast enough with your weak, pasty arms? Well too bad! You haven't earned the right for Revenge of the Nerds to be called an essential college movie, nor an inspirational tale for nerds everywhere, nor a career- making movie for Robert Carradine, mostly because that last one isn't true. Damn nerds.

96 - Dazed and Confused

Quentin Tarantino reckons Dazed and Confused is one of the greatest movies of all time and Led Zeppelin refused to be associated with the movie. So whatever you think of the movie, you're in excellent company! Perhaps the most well-known stoner comedy ever, it continues to inspire High School kids everywhere to make terrible decisions and upload them to YouTube today.

95 - Mr. Deeds

Adam Sandler reversed his established formula in Mr. Deeds by playing a nice guy falling on unexpected fortune. And he played it just as well as his usual irresponsible jerk characters. Although, it has to be said, he's still at his most entertaining when terrorizing the streets of New York with John McEnroe, but who isn't?

94 - Coming to America

Although being known for it's culturally sensitive storyline and Oscar-nominated makeup, it's also the first film in which Eddie Murphy played multiple characters. Although things went awry eventually, it was an original and interesting tactic which gave the movie an extra level.

93 - Black Sheep

It's hard to watch Black Sheep without noticing the similarities between it and it's predecessor, Tommy Boy. Here's the thing, Tommy Boy is so funny that I'm glad there's a carbon copy of it. I'd watch ten Chris Farley/David Spade movies if they were all this good. The bottom line is that Chris Farley was one of the funniest comedic actors of all time. He died too early and we have to take what we can get. Black Sheep may not have re-invented the wheel, but it didn't break the wheel either. And it added Garey Busey to it.

92 - The Jerk

The Jerk achieved success immediately upon opening, and has kept that up ever since. It is held in high regard by just about anyone ever. Steve Martin's first ever starring role, and it couldn't have been a more fitting way to introduce him as the wacky personality he remains today. Have you read his art book? What a hoot!

91 - Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

The movie that made people rethink their mocking of Michael Cera because, as evidenced, he could kick their ass now. Edgar Wright's insane direction gave the movie a pace unlike any other, combining hundreds of jokes with six extended, impressive fight sequences and a load of awesome special effects all within two hours of film. Phew.

90 - Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine delivered the age-old message to everyone everywhere that "it's not the winning, it's the taking part." And for that, it made it into the top 100 movies! It beat Scott Pilgrim and hundreds of others!

89 - Clerks II

While a somewhat toned-down offering after the original Clerks, any revisit to Quick Stop was always going to be satisfying. Kevin Smith has reportedly abandoned his View Askewniverse once and for all now, and Clerks II is a more than fitting swan song.

88 - Waiting

Almost everyone ever can relate to how awful it is being a waiter, which is assumedly why Waiting struck such a chord and became such a surprise hit, that or the discovery of the "penis showing game." Either of those two things.

87 - Beverly Hills Cop

There's a reason people respect Eddie Murphy. He used to be great. That reputation has been buried in recent years by Norbit, Dr. Dolittle, Dr. Dolittle 2, both Nutty Professors, Pluto Nash and the entire Shrek franchise. Those movies don't change the past. In the past Eddie Murphy played his part in Beverly Hills Cop perfectly with comedic flair and astute anger. Check it out and poor out a drink in memory of a funny man that used to do non-children's movies.

86 - Dude, Where's My Car?

The ending split many, but what everyone can agree on is the stoneriffic quality that Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott brought to a simple, goldmine-in-disguise premise: What the hell happened last night?

85 - Me, Myself and Irene

Violent multiple personality disorders aren't usually inspirations for slapstick comedy but the Farrelly brothers' "caution to the wind" approach and Jim Carrey's uncontrollable likeability meant that any notions of insensitivity were forgotten amongst the guilty laughter.

84 - Road Trip

Human folly happens. Sometimes you forget your wallet, or say something you don't mean, and sometimes you record yourself cheating on your girlfriend then accidentally mail the footage to her, forcing you to drive across the country in order to steal back the tape, resulting in japes of the highest caliber. Ah, college.

83 - Christmas Vacation

Now a holiday mainstay, Christmas Vacation was John Hughes' last writing effort for the National Lampoon series, and he went out with a bang here, thanks to Chevy Chase's silliest and most heartfelt performance of the franchise.

82 - Half Baked

A janitor stoner comedy starring Dave Chapelle involving the murder of a diabetic horse and a celebrity ghost beating someone up with a gutta-why ARE YOU STILL READING THIS AND NOT WATCHING THIS MOVIE?

81 - Scary Movie

Since the "Something" Movie idea was run well and truly into the ground, it's hard to remember that things started so promisingly in Scary Movie which was a smart, aware parody of nature's inherently dumbest genre (just call the police already!), horror.

80 - Dogma

Uh-oh. A Kevin Smith movie about religion which is... shockingly not as offensive as other Kevin Smith films? What's going on here? Dogma managed to avoid too much controversy on its release thanks to well thought-out exaggerations and the inclusion of Alanis Morisette, who no-one can ever be angry at (except maybe Dave Coulier).

79 - Blades of Glory

As wonderful as it was to see the underrated Jon Heder become a leading man once again, it had some competition in seeing Will Arnett and Amy Poehler as the despicable, incestuous Van Wallenbergs, or that hilarious running joke where ice skating is taken seriously as a sport.

78 - Van Wilder

"College Pranks" movies have been done to death, so it's a good thing Van Wilder starred someone as naturally charming and funny as Ryan Reynolds, and someone as professionally implosive as Tara Reid to heighten the re-watch value now that she's all but officially dead.

77 - The Naked Gun 2 1/2

The appearance of OJ Simpson in the Naked Gun movies dates them horribly, but the endless onslaught of visual gags and light puns makes this another of Zucker's timeless classics which can survive any number of murderers.

76 - Rush Hour

Remember when Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker were really popular? This was then! Whatever went wrong, it wasn't in the action-comedy Rush Hour which delivered on its "action" as much as it did its "comedy," something seen all too rarely.

75 - Home Alone

Never has so much innocent joy been invested into violent, sociopathic behavior. Home Alone busied itself with the creative, repetitive dispatch of its two villains at the hands of a child, while also reminding us of the importance of family and love during the holidays. But it's that first part everyone remembers and doesn't fast-forward through.

74 - Accepted

Even though its main character is named "Bartleby," Accepted is a deceptively serious movie about education and governmental procedure. BORING. It's pretty much Camp Nowhere for college. It also has skateboarding and Blake Lively in a bikini at one point. Woo!

73 - Planes, Trains & Automobiles

The ultimate road-trip buddy movie that established John Hughes as more than just a teen comedy director and Steve Martin as more than just a *shudder* comedian. John Candy stole the show, though, in an equal parts amusing and heartbreaking performance in the face of whatever bizarre, gleeful disasters Hughes could imagine.

72 - History of the World: Part I

In a delightfully overblown movie told in sketches, Mel Brooks reaches for his full potential, taking on four different periods from history and an apparent cast of thousands to tell his somewhat exaggerated version of what went down.

71 - Hot Tub Time Machine

Everyone was just about sold on this movie as soon as "time travel" and "Crispin Glover" were mentioned, but when that became "time travel TO THE 80s" and "ONE ARMED Crispin Glover," Hot Tub TIme Machine became a movie to see for more than just its amusingly direct title.

70 - Young Frankenstein

A lovingly-detailed and accurate homage to the films before it, Brooks' Young Frankenstein established itself as not only a wonderful Frankenstein parody movie, but actually a wonderful Frankenstein movie in itself.

69 - Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

In what has to go down in history as the most entertaining dramatization of writing a history paper EVER, a not-yet-sad Keanu Reeves and not-yet-irrelevant Alex Winter teamed up to teach the world the most important lessons: 1. Be excellent to each other. 2. Sand Dimas High School football rules!

68 - Jackass: The Movie

Why have a plot when you can have 90 minutes of a Jackass episode? Exactly. Those guys know what we like and didn't attempt to make a "movie," but instead took their new-found big-budget abilities and amped-up their great/horrible stunts to better suit the added detail and disgust that a big screen can provide.

67 -Kick-Ass

The best superhero movie of 2010 was, in fact a superhero spoof movie. Whether that says more about the state of comic book adaptations or about Matthew Vaughn's deceptively intense movie is unclear. What is clear is that this world needs more pot smoking, wetsuit-wearing heroes.

66 - Euro Trip

Filled with inaccurate and offensive stereotypes (the best kind), Euro Trip is mindless comedy at its absolute finest. That is until hints start being dropped about the real point of the movie, and that maybe it's satirizing Western attitudes to more traditional European countries, and that maybe we all need to take a step back and observe- oh, no. They just fake-killed The Pope.

65 - Napoleon Dynamite

Whether the movie is known best for its blinding color palette, perfectly awkward dance sequence, or the joyously awful character of Uncle Rico, it's definitely known. Napoleon Dynamite's soft sadness helped turn the absurd into the downright enjoyable.

64 - Get Him to the Greek

Unless you're Kelsey Grammer, you probably hate the term "spinoff." Russell Brand and Jonah Hill reuniting from Sarah Marshall worked surprisingly well, however, opposite a previously unseen comedy star in the wonderfully deranged Sean Combs.

63 - Zack and Miri Make a Porno

What Zack and Miri lacked in Kevin Smith's usual satirical commentary, it made up for in sheer filth. Unashamedly dirty in just about every respect, it's the movie you want to quote your favourite lines from but can't because society just isn't ready yet.

62 - Beerfest

The title alone gives an idea of the movie's popularity, but when you combine the already destined-for-success notion of a beerfest with plenty of German antagonists and a triumph over aforementioned German antagonists, you're onto a real winner.

61 - The Other Guys

It's easy to overlook The Other Guys. The advertising seemed kind of cheesy. Will Ferrell had just made Land of the Lost. Mark Wahlberg is in it. All of those things are unfortunate, because The Other Guys is great. It's a nice return to form for Ferrell and Adam Mckay, the same people that made Anchorman great. Somehow, they managed to blend stupid humor with heavy political commentary. The thing is, though, the jokes are so silly that it's easy to miss the message until the infographics during the credits. Also, they blew up our office in it. Yes, that is the Collegehumor office in the movie.

60 - -Ghostbusters II

Attention New York City: In a world in which dangerous ghosts exist, it's probably not the best idea to arrest and fire a team called the "Ghostbusters." Nevertheless, the down-and-out �busters worked just as well, and almost as amusingly, the second time around.

59 - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

A movie about making movies--or at least making money off movies--Jay and Silent Bob contains surprisingly deep allegories about the capitalist structure of the film industry as well as enough offensive material for it to be branded NC-17 at first. A winning combination.

58 - The Mask

The single most perfect role for Jim Carrey ever in his reality-bending turn as The Mask, a part he probably could have played just as effectively and convincingly without the special effects.

57 - The Simpsons Movie

Despite having a lot (and by "lot" I mean "the single greatest and most perfect story ever told") to live up to, The Simpsons Movie was funnier and more satisfying that anyone originally expected, perhaps down to the re-teaming of writers from the earlier and, let's face it, better seasons.

56 - Meet the Parents

Before the "Fockers" franchise (we're calling it that now, right?) descended into whatever the hell that was last Christmas, there was Meet The Parents, which made a lot of its "what's the worst that could happen?" premise and caused awful secondhand embarrassment across the world.

55 - There's Something About Mary

A story of love and triumph over adversity is always great. But a story about love and triumph over Brett Favre, ultimately humiliating him? Perfection.

54 - Men In Black

As awesome as aliens are, sometime a film needs aliens AND Will Smith kicking their asses for them to really matter. Men In Black not only entertained adults, but terrified children into believing that the weird, dirty guy who lives in that shack down the road is actually a giant bug alien.

53 - Big Daddy

Adam Sandler returned once again to the "ignorant loser forced to take on responsibility" mine in Big Daddy, which sees him fostering a child whose mother has died of cancer and-- are we sure this is a comedy? Thankfully, Sandler's chemistry with kid Julian lightens the tone.

52 - Wayne's World 2

Because why not? Wayne's World 2 took proceedings to an entirely different world (ha) of strange, introducing the "Waynestock" music festival and an extended parody of "The Graduate" as legitimate plot points.

51 - Blazing Saddles

Before "meta humor" was a thing, people were at a loss to describe exactly what the hell Blazing Saddles was. It combined The Old West with just about any historical inaccuracy conceivable. Mel Brooks seemed to just throw in anything that would make a scene funnier, and in this case, the absurdity paid off.

50 - Clerks

It all began with Clerks for Kevin Smith, who later spawned numerous spin-offs and sequels from this one movie, which took the seriousness of employee apathy to a whole new level. Despite many added scenes/alternate endings revealed by Smith over the years, Clerks still plays at its best and most filthy in its original state.

49 - Liar Liar

For all intents and purposes, Liar Liar is a fantasy film about a guy who, for some reason, tells lies. It's straight-up magic. Wisely, the mechanics were never addressed in the movie, and not much else was either. Liar Liar unabashedly gave everyone what they really wanted: an hour and a half of a guy telling the truth, and we know how bad that can turn out.

48 - Borat

Coming at just the right time, when Sacha Baron Cohen was both in his creative prime and just about unknown enough for a stunt like this to fully work. As well as tackling xenophobia and racism in American society, he had time to offend just about everybody in America himself.

47 - Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

Jim Carrey's delightfully, shamelessly unhinged performance as Ventura really kicked the Ace Venture series up a notch in When Nature Calls, which saw him playing with a slinky, parking a car, prepping a crime scene ,and coming naked out of a rhino's butt. Funnily, those other scenarios play out equally as ridiculous.

46 - Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy is famously featured on legendary critic Roger Ebert's "Most Hated" list, but that hack's finally been proven wrong because, in actuality, fact it's the forty-sixth best comedy movie ever made, as evidenced by this list. Besides, it has Rob Lowe in it! Nothing with Rob Lowe in it is bad.

45 - Monty Python's Life of Brian

Curiously inoffensive considering the subject matter, Life of Brian manages to bring light humor to the story of Jesus. Of course, only Monty Python could handle this so delicately. The Mel Gibson remake didn't make me laugh ONCE.

44 - I Love You, Man

Sporting the most predictably adorable duo of leading men ever, Rudd's awkward social fumbling playing against Segel's previously unseen overconfidence. I Love You, Man was a surprise hit that paved the way for the "Bromance" genre to well and truly come out. Poor choice of words.

43 - American Pie

Back in the �70s, people realized that college comedies were fun. Why did it take them another 30 years to start making high school comedies? American Pie doesn't break much new ground, but it's a solid movie. The funny parts are funny enough, the gross parts are gross enough, and the sexy parts are sexy enough. It's never amazing, but it's never bad either. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the six sequels. At least they gave Eugene Levy work.

42 - Groundhog Day

Before everyone realized Bill Murray was literally the greatest person ever, he was just a really good comedy actor. Never better than in Groundhog Day, a story of spiritual redemption and self-improvement which simultaneously uplifts and depresses because, come on, we'd never do any of that fancy-pants moral junk. We'd shoplift and play a real- life version of Death Race.

41 - The Blues Brothers

If in doubt over what kind of movie to make, throw a little of everything in there: comedy, music, car chases, characters with nicknames... with any luck, the result will be something like The Blues Brothers. Only, you know, not as great, because it really does take more than that. You need great actors, a great screenplay, an established director. You don't have any of those.

40 - Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Jason Segel and Jason Segel's penis shared top billing in this frequently insightful romantic disaster movie, which helped many come to terms with the fact that, yes, Russell Brand is a bastard and, yes, they would sleep with Mila Kunis.

39 - The Waterboy

A sports movie for people who don't like/aren't good at sports. No wonder so many people liked it. The Waterboy provides us with an unbelievable occurrence: Rob Schneider's character is more memorable than Adam Sandler's. You can do it, Rob!

38 - Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Despite Ridley Scott's attempts, Men In Tights will always be what most people will remember when they think of the legend of Robin Hood, well, maybe that other one with the singing cartoon foxes also. But, come on, singing men in tights + Dave Chapelle's first credited acting role > cartoon foxes. Always.

37 - Team America: World Police

Team America, as well as being totally hilarious, touched on some important world issues in a clever way. Still, what everyone REALLY remembers it for is the fear it strikes to this day into the heart of someone who wants to have a serious, involved conversation about Matt Damon.

36 - Role Models

Role Models' success can be attributed to the pleasant surprise that came with watching it for the first time. What seemed like a middle-of-the-road, throwaway winter comedy effort actually turned out to be funny and affecting, down to the unlikely but indispensable pairing of Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott.

35 - The Naked Gun

Leslie Nielsen and director David Zucker's skill at parodying genres was never more apparent than in The Naked Gun, which saw Nielsen's iconic Fank Drebin save The Queen of England. Which, in itself is funny. Your tax dollars paying for the protection of some unelected fop from the country that no longer owns you? Farce at its finest.

34 - Talladega Nights

Will Ferrell, NASCAR, Making Fun Of French People. It's easy to see why this movie immediately appeals. Anchorman is just about the toughest act to follow, which explains the pared-down enthusiasm for McKay's next effort here. Still, its as offbeat and enjoyable, if not as groundbreaking, as its predecessor.

33 - Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

We can learn a lot from the titular heroes, specifically that if something stands in your way--a jungle cat or Neil Patrick Harris for instance--smoke weed at it and things will work out.

32 - Billy Madison

Proof that learning can be hilarious, Billy Madison well and truly established Adam Sandler as a leading man and showed that it's OK to have a creepy crush on your teacher as long as you're good at heart. Also, congratulations, you will now always hear Adam Sandler's voice when you read Hamlet.

31- Knocked Up

Judd Apatow's story about two people coming together over an unplanned pregnancy was perfectly weighted between its insightful emotion and its decidedly "male" humor. The real defining characteristic of Knocked Up was its honesty in each of its characters' fallibility, and maybe that really graphic birth sequence also.

30 - Tropic Thunder

Notable for its creative and compellingly inoffensive use of blackface makeup, Tropic Thunder was an incredibly ambitious movie, offset by its snappy script, hilarious violence, and foul-mouthed banter, coming in particular from an unrecognizable Tom Cruise in his best role since... well... Mission Impossible II was pretty good, right?

29 - Animal House

On the surface, it's a loud, funny, crass movie about guys in a fraternity. At its heart, though, it's informed and really quite subtle. John Belushi's big-name power helped the film achieve instant recognition, but even today its messages of pride and camaraderie live on. And excessive drinking. Can't forget that.

28 - Caddyshack

29 years after Harold Ramis' directorial debut in Caddyshack, Year One was made. Let's try to forget this and focus on the promising beginnings, which boasts, arguably, the biggest disparity in movie history between "age of the actors" and "age the actors behave." Well, a close second after Sex and the City 2.

27 - Step Brothers

Adam McKay is important as a writer/director, as he's willing to put literally anything into his films just as long as it's independently funny. That's never more apparent than in Step Brothers, which plays more like a sketch show than a full narrative and packed more bizarre situations into its brief running time than any of McKay's previous efforts.

26 - Pineapple Express

The least spaced-out stoner flick ever, Pineapple Express sacrifices the age-old formula for something a little more action packed. It's easy to see now why James Franco's enjoyable turn seemed to come quite so naturally, but it was Danny McBride's scene-stealing role that really stepped the film up into "endlessly recappable" territory.

25 - Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Without the Austin Powers series, international audiences probably to this day would live in ignorance of the true definition of "shag." It's a good thing, then, that this movie exists, as well as extending the public's vocabulary, it extended the story of everyone's favorite James Bond spoof, now that Pierce Brosnan isn't in the movies anymore.

24 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

The movie that caused kids across the world to skip school and have a day of their own adventures, only to discover they weren't as cool or as fictional as Ferris Bueller for that to work. Nothing's better to watch in films quite like an awesome scheme falling perfectly into place. Ferris Bueller's Day Off's fun, complex tricks and spot-on worldly philosophies complement John Hughes' seemingly effortless humour and combine to form a true classic.

23 - Hot Fuzz

An intentionally hilarious action movie for people who love unintentionally hilarious action movies, or for people who love their rural British countryside dramas with plenty of truly shocking gore. Hot Fuzz is the film that liberated millions from the guilt of not respecting old people enough because, well look, they're straight-up evil.

22 - Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Debates have raged on since the dawn of when When Nature Calls was released, friendships ruined, families split apart forever, all over which Ace Ventura was better. Of course, there can only be one winner. Pet Detective stands as a monument to the light, irreverent humour of the 90s down to the endlessly unforgettable slew of one-liners or that one scene when Einhorn is "exposed."

21 - Wedding Crashers

It's a testament to the writers of Wedding Crashers that a movie about literally the most obnoxious, thoughtless people imaginable could turn out to be so pleasingly human. A focus on characterization combined with the genuinely weird humor meant that Wedding Crashers became one of the most shamelessly enjoyable comedies in recent years.

20 - Super Troopers

The movie that made people like cops for 100 minutes, Super Troopers and its penchant for cruel pranks helped people realize that, yeah, those guys are just doing their jobs and, wow, stuff might actually happens in Vermont!

19 - Dumb and Dumber

The Ace Ventura franchise was a vehicle for Jim Carrey. The philosophy seemed to be that if they pointed cameras at him, funny things would happen. They were right. Those movies are great, but he's only one piece of the puzzle. Dumb and Dumber one-ups Ace by dropping our favorite wacky �90s comedian into an incredibly clever and funny script with an equally funny co-star in Jeff Daniels. On it's face, the movie has a lot of broad jokes, but the humor is so dense that it's easy to miss the subtle stuff. "Fell off the jetway again"? Definitely didn't catch that on a first viewing. While the characters may be dumb, this film is pure genius.

18 - The Big Lebowski

I mean, when the main character's called "The Dude," you know the movie's going to be cool. The Big Lebowski's magic is in the laid back, confident script from The Coen Brothers, which contains not only a respectful love for bowling, but the best drunken dream sequence since Dumbo.

17 - South Park Bigger, Longer & Uncut

The myth of poor-quality film adaptations of TV classics was well and truly busted by South Park, which wisely did away with any actual movie structure and just set out to be the funniest, longest and most offensive episode ever. A recipe for success.

16 - Zoolander

Ben Stiller showed the world in Zoolander that making a face as a punchline still has a place in humor if it's done right. It helps that the rest of the movie's equally as effective in its dispatch of the perfect insanity of Zoolander, who, in lesser hands, wouldn't be nearly this cool.

15 - Ghostbusters

There are approximately zero people in the world that challenge Ghostbusters as a great movie. It hit the nail on the head with the all-too-often botched combination of big name actors, expensive special effects, and rapid fire wit. A third film's been loitering in the works for years now, and even if it's good, it's probably not going to be "Ghostbusters One" good.

14 - Airplane!

At just 87 minutes long, Airplane! Must hold the record for "most jokes per minute." It probably also holds the records for "best performance by a nun in a violent sequence," "best abuse of a heart transplant patient," and "best performance by an inflatable misogynist." Who can deny its quality now?

13 - Wayne's World

Definitively, the best movie SNL has ever made, and, perhaps, the best movie SNL will ever make again, Wayne's World reveled in its pitch-perfect weirdness at the hands of in-form Dana Carvey and Mike Myers culminating in one of three fittingly off-the-wall endings, while still following the one rule of all Mike Myers movies: his character gets to date a woman who is way, way too hot for him.

12 - Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Possibly more responsible for any UK/USA tension in the last 20 years than any political fumble--including that time the President made out with the Prime Minister's assistant. Or was that Love, Actually?--Either way, Austin Powers was an inspirational tale to guys everywhere: make enough sex jokes and Liz Hurley will sleep with you!

11 - Spaceballs

Endearingly cheap set design! A slew of 80s comedy legends! The word "balls" in the title! How could this movie NOT have made the top ten? It had everything. Has there been a franchise so consistently and skillfully parodied as Star Wars? And did any one film succeed more than Spaceballs? The answers are no and no, thanks to the master of parody, Mel Brooks, and his unmatched talent for the ridiculous.

10 - Office Space

"I hate my job'"is more a sentiment than a movie pitch, but Office Space's bleak humanity, agreeable philosophy ,and knowledge that everyone really wants to beat the crap out of their office printer, allowed for a lot to be explored around the theme of workplace misery. Though this movie's theatrical release was a rather massive failure, it has slowly crept its way up to the top of many people's favorite movies lists. Peter Gibbons would be proud.

9 - Dodgeball

Role Models gave us LARPing, Napoleon Dynamite gave us listening to Jamiroquai, but the number one activity that everyone thought was a good idea for one week after a film's release was dodgeball from Dodgeball. There was a lot to love about the film's rag-tag group of hopefuls and their quest to become dodgeball champions, from Vince Vaughn's witty yet vulnerable alpha male, to Wash, from Firefly, as a pirate for some reason. The ensemble was so good, not even comedy superman Ben Stiller over-shadowed them.

8 - Old School

Old School--better known as the movie that disappointed thousands of freshmen when they got to college in 2003--taught audiences it's important to never lose touch with a child-like sense of wonder and exploration. And, also, that gratuitous groin injury scenes will never not cause horrible secondhand pain. Damn you, Old School, in that one respect. You're still hilarious. Old School is also notable for being the Enola Gay that dropped the Will Ferrell atom bomb on the comedy movie world.

7 - Happy Gilmore

Who would have thought something as boring as golf would gift such an entertain movie? Of course, it wasn't so much the "golf" as it was the "abuse of golf" that captured the hearts and minds of the public. Adam Sandler has been at the forefront of popular comedy for nearly twenty years, and Happy Gilmore attests to the fact that he's been on the top of his game since the beginning, here as the unnervingly aggressive and yet somehow just as endearing Gilmore.

6 - Shaun Of The Dead

Probably the first time that romance, hyper-violence, and lightning fast humor have been so lovingly blended, but, thanks to the instant popularity of Brit-com superteam of Pegg/Frost/Wright, definitely not the last. Shaun of the Dead took just about ALL the horror movie tropes and twisted them to its own gleeful advantage. With so many "blink and you'll miss it" gags, it's impossible to catch everything in the first, second, or even tenth viewing. It's the movie that keeps on giving. Also, there are zombies in it.

5 - The 40-Year-Old Virgin

A sweet-natured film about friendship, truth, and the importance of being yourself when you find the one person in this cruel world who understands you and makes you happy. Plus, come on, that part where he pees on himself? Shakespeare himself couldn't have written that better. After stealing scenes in Anchorman and Bruce Almighty, Steve Carell was finally appointed leading-man status as The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and couldn't have done so more believably. Which is a good thing.

4 - Superbad

Superbad sparked something of a revival in the "One Night Gone Wrong" genre, and likely something of a revolution in Jonah Hill's sex life. Its quick pace allowed for a natural, believable progression of events, and the characters always felt like more than comedy caricatures. It delivered the exact opposite of what its title promised and gave, instead ,a masterpiece, packed with cruel, quick quips and the flawless debut of thespian Christopher Mintz-Pl- ah, forget it, McLovin.

3 - Anchorman

Adam McKay's directorial debut still proves the most popular today, which must delight and annoy him in identical measures. Anchorman had it all: inane silliness, creative insults, an animated sex scene. The movie is packed with so much insanity that it's amazing it even exists. But the real thing that makes it shine is Will Ferrel, in all his unhinged glory. Watching Anchorman feels like strapping yourself to a chair and subjecting yourself to Will Ferrell for two hours, which is great. This is Will Ferrell's Citizen Kane.

2 - The Hangover

The very definition of "Instant Classic," The Hangover became a comedy mainstay around three hours after its release, thanks mostly to Zach Galifianakis's (you're not a TRUE fan until you can spell that right in one try) perfectly bizarre performance, which transformed him overnight into one of the most well-known and in-demand comedic actors in the world. Still, the movie's most memorable moment has to be Mike Tyson's extended cameo, who, despite presumably not acting quite as much as Galifianakis, delivered an equally as unhinged performance.

1 - Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The people have spoken. After over one million votes, Monty Python and the Holy Grail has been declared the best comedy of all-time. Where did it all go so right? The wit is inexhaustible. The plot takes unpredictable and delightful turns, particularly the sequence in which the "Black Beast Of Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh" is vanquished (who can honestly say they saw that coming?) The cast is flawless. I mean, obviously, it's Monty Python. Its success can't be attributed to any of these things independently, but the winning combination and flawless execution of all these elements. The film's legacy continues even today with a Broadway adaptation now entering its eighth year on tour. With almost every line of dialogue endlessly quoted by annoying nerds, it's easy to forget the quality and downright genius of this movie's jokes. Aptly titled, The Holy Grail represents everything that was good in British comedy, and proves that Britain is still #1--on this list, anyway.

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